Tardigrades in Business

Have you ever heard of the invincible Tardigrade? Pronounced TAR-DE-GRADE

What a creature… 600 million years old… now watch and learn:

Entrepreneurs are smart to study the perseverance and resiliency of our little friend the tardigrade.  When you begin your business, when you decide you to go to work for yourself, you need to have the mindset of a water-bear. You will need to be able to survive the heat, the cold, the pressure, and the radiation that will threaten your positive mindset when you feel everything is wrong. This is when you remind yourself of your friend the tardigrade, where you reset your mind and commit to build a business that can live a century or longer.  Your business needs to be able to live without food or water for sustained period of time, you must be able to adapt to the condition,s shrink it down and “die” if necessary – but here is the good news – you can bring it back to life – simply by doing, by taking action, by having a purpose.

So align yourself with the Tardigrade by being able to deal with extreme conditions!

Tolerate it, whatever it is, the only thing we know is that conditions change, and you will find environmental conditions that are more hospitable so you can again thrive!  Today is a new day, be born again, do not let your past define your future.  Align yourself with the Tardigrade!!