Rebranding FOXO & Yourself: Having Vision and Goal Setting

Last week we announced the rebrand of Life Epigenetics and YouSurance to FOXO BioScience. Rebranding these two young companies to FOXO, “The Longevity Company” results from consistent self-examination and challenging ourselves to define our corporate definite major purpose as we find our footing. Sometimes called a “mission statement,” defining your definite major purpose is a critical key to success. A definite major purpose instructs you to create a vision of what success “looks” like. Within a company, it’s critical that as many people as possible in the organization share the same vision or picture. The more details you can append to your picture (i.e., the background color, smells, shadows, etc.) that others see as well, the more powerful your corporate vision and mission becomes. This is the single most important aspect of corporate development and is so often overlooked, or not given enough critical thought.

The same practice applies to your personal life. Having a definite purpose, knowing where you are going and what it “looks like” when you get there, is critical for individual success as well. Each day, you have the chance to rebrand yourself, as a professional, a friend, a father, a brother, son or daughter. Rebranding represents an evolution that results from honest self-reflection, self-visioning and self-discipline. Just as in a corporate setting, the process of rebranding requires you to identify the gap that exists between yourself today and your ideal self, and then have the resolve to take action towards the ideal.

Right now, the COVID-19 crisis is testing all of us in ways we could not have imagined just a few weeks ago. For better or worse, COVID-19 is creating an opportunity for every company and individual to rebrand themselves towards their ideal. This crisis creates a historic moment in time for honest self-reflection and opportunity to resolve the discipline to rebrand in furtherance of your definite major purpose. 

The time will come—very soon—where we will all resurface from whatever state the COVID-19 crisis brought us to. When we re-emerge, like a seed piercing the surface of the earth, we have a choice of how we continue our journey. It is an opportune time to remember that this seed of equivalent benefit has no rules as to what color its flowers will be, how strong its trunk grows, or how wide its branches spread. As we re-emerge and re-enter society and commerce, rebrand your person and profession towards an ideal of your choice in furtherance of a definite major purpose. 

At FOXO, we have rebranded and rededicated ourselves to using machine learning, predictive analytics and bioinformatics to identify epigenetic signatures that provide material insights into health, wellness, disease, and aging. We believe this is groundbreaking technology that will positively affect many industries and ultimately millions of people. The more we know about how and why we age – and what drives disease – the more proactive we can be at eliminating the causes. 


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