Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Awards Dr. Steve Horvath Epigenetic Research

We know the work of epigenetics is cutting edge science that is on the frontier of explaining the relationship between environment and biology.  More specifically, epigenetics is helping us understand how our genetic code is expressed that impacts our overall health and well being.

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group deserves many kudos for recognizing this and making awards to scientists producing compelling research.

“Each of these awards is given to researchers with the bold ideas and new perspectives we need to make the next big leap in bioscience,” said Executive Director of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Tom Skalak. “Epigenetics, aging and evolution are all fields with great impact on human health and wellbeing, but that currently face significant gaps in knowledge. With these awards, we hope to make strides toward the kind of breakthrough insights that can change the direction of an entire area of research.”

We are thrilled that Dr. Steve Horvath from the University of California, Los Angeles received the award and was recognized for his ground breaking research in the field of aging.  Dr. Horvath has proved that epigenetics can predict your biological age which is directly linked to your risk of all-cause mortality.  We are excited to be working with Dr. Horvath’s research and epigenetic applications to the life insurance industry.

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