Mt. Assiniboine Explore Backcountry Skiing

img_0711Backcountry skiing is among the greatest outdoor pleasures in the world. And when you get to experience backcountry skiing in the Canadian Rockies near Mt. Assiniboine, you can count yourself among the lucky.

The peak is among one of the greats in North America, and the area is img_2093home to some of the first downhill skiing events to happen outside of Europe. The early European explorers were drawn to this magical land and sought to capture the peak as it reminded climbers of the Matterhorn.

The area of Mt. Assiniboine is located just outside Banff and Canmore. The area of Assiniboine, while remote, is also quite accessible and you can link up several destinations via backcountry skiing or hiking. Visiting this area will not disappoint.

If you go, please consider staying at the Assiniboine Lodge, img_0681and say hello to my friend Andre. He and his family have operated this lodge for many years, and their hospitality is beyond reproach. You will find the area rich with history, beauty, and healthy outdoor fun!

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