Life Insurance, Technology & Innovation: GWG White Paper


Attached  is our corporate White Paper describing our value proposition for the continued growth and innovation of our business in the life insurance industry.  This White Paper describes how we are applying advanced proprietary technology to transform the life insurance industry.  I also refer to this White Paper as our Secret Master Plan which can be found on the technology page at

By adopting the proprietary technology discovered by Dr. Steve Horvath,  we stand at the forefront of  becoming able to more accurate than ever before in predicting human lifespan.  This is no simple or inconsequential achievement.  When we become more accurate, we have tremendous opportunities to not only improve our current business, but also transform the life insurance industry at large.  Consumers need insurance products that better address their individual circumstance, and without either encumbering legacy systems or thinking at our company, we are free to create these products using revolutionary technology predicting human lifespan.  As we creating more opportunities, we fulfill our corporate mission of creating enhanced shareholder value.  We are dedicated to achieving our mission.

Happy new year and cheers to all those helping to contribute to our success to date, and our future success to come!

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