This summer Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director for Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) – one the largest life reinsurance companies in the world – published an article and webinar on the “Fast -Growing field of Epigenetics.”

Dr. Zimmerman does an excellent job explaining the basis of genetics vs. epigenetics – and how epigenetics is a promising technology for the life insurance industry.  When you get to minute 33:00 on the webinar, you are hearing about the baseline technology that my company licensed from UCLA for the global life insurance industry – and you can get a good idea of the promise the technology holds for an industry.

What is really great about Dr. Zimmermans work is he points to the most important aspect of epigenetics demonstrates how:

… the foods we eat, the chemicals we encounter, our exercise habits and even our social connections and emotional states – can measurably influence mortality risk at a [molecular] level.

In other words, researchers have discovered how the biology is actually working to manufacture a disease state based upon the extrinsic influences we experience throughout our lives.  This baseline discovery has significant importance to the future of our health and wellness.

I encourage anyone interested in this science to watch Dr. Zimmerman’s video.