Personal Growth Journal

Starting a daily journal practice empowers you to pursue your personal and professional goals.

With daily prompts for morning and evening entries, as well as places to write reminders, notes, affirmations, and some surprises, the Personal Growth Journal is set up to engage you on a daily basis so you can plan more, do more, and be more.

  • Use the open circles on the cover to gamify your journaling consistency and watch your daily progress
  • Add morning and evening entries and follow the prompts to stay centered and focused
  • Create daily reminders to stay on track

To receive this journal, we ask that you donate $5 per journal to the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). NAZ is working to close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in North Minneapolis. Learn more about NAZ.

What people are saying

I’m not always the most organized person which makes it hard to get everything done while also trying to work towards my long-term goals. I was fortunate enough to receive this journal as a gift and it seemed easy enough, so I thought why not try it. Not only did it help me get better at completing my daily to-do list, but it also helped me to clarify my bigger goals so they feel more doable. Thanks, Jon!


This journal is the answer to the problem of finding yourself on the couch watching a show you have seen on Netflix a dozen times and wondering "am I even having fun right now?" You were sure there were dozens of new things you have wanted to try but none come to mind. Now you have those new and interesting things in list form!


Journal in the wild

Recently I came across the video of “The Running Pastor” and it inspired me to jot down a few of my thoughts on running.

I posted a blog about “Why We Run” and I think, for my fellow runners out there, you may relate to the reasoning behind the drive to run and maybe even help you understand why you run for yourself.

Click the link in the bio to read my blog Why We Run and see the video on The Running Pastor that inspired me to write this piece. #personalgrowthjournal

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“Last night I had a dream about you
In this dream I’m dancing right beside you”
. Throwback to a little trip up to Big Bear with moopersthings and hexhaxx

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“I never told her that I loved her
I just showed her that I loved her
Was her shoulder if she needed to cry.”

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“And if I stay home, I don't know
There'll be so much that I'll have to let go”

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“Throwin' up shots like I don't miss
Never put a limit on the high stakes”
From a sweet car meet formed by cali_meets_

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“I want the credit if I'm losing or I'm winning
On my momma that's the realest shit”

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“Friendly eyes so small they rise from the waist line”

40 7

“You're shooting stars
From the barrel of your eyes
It drives me crazy”

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Here in canada for the #GenevaAssociation 16th Annual Aging Conference! You know I don’t pass up doing my daily growth journal. It keeps me focused on goals, positivity and keeps me accountable. Available to you soon! #growthmindset #purposedrivenlife #personalgrowthjournal ...

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“Before we knew why cancer happens, we considered it just a part of life. Now, we correctly call cancer a disease- a bug, not a feature”- and fight against it with all our might. We don’t generally regard aging in the same way, but we should. After all, what is a disease but a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally? That’s exactly what aging does.” — a snippet from the wsj article by davidsinclairphd and Matthew LaPlante.
Through the discovery and research of #epigenetics, we learn that we have the ability to affect how our genes express and therefore how our environment and lifestyle can biologically alter our lifespan.

It’s never too late to start making better choices for your health. It’s not just about you, it’s about the health and longevity legacy you can teach and leave your kids. At yousurance we are in the business of helping you live a healthy life while protecting your legacy. I am excited to share more about our work in the coming months.

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Hard to believe it was 68 degrees mid October here in MN today. So I opened the doors and enjoyed the breeze while reading #raydalioprinciples. How’s your fall? ...

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I have always valued #warrenbuffet’s straight talk, forward looking advice & wisdom.

#ontheblog I’m sharing a video with commentary on a presentation he gave to high school graduates about their future selves. There are some key things I think we can all take away to be better leaders and better people.

Go #readtheblog and see the video via the link in my bio.

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For years, I have practiced the discipline of goal setting and self reflection. As I have mentioned, I live the #NapoleonHill quote “what a mind conceives, a person achieves.” I created a daily-use journal that embodies Hill’s psychology of achievement, which examines how the thoughts that dominate your mind, positive or negative, shape the reality of your life.

I usually do this for myself, my team, friends & family, and colleagues, but this year I’ve decided to make them available to you. I will be launching this on my site so you can get your own pocket journal with all proceeds being donated to charity.

This journal will help you stay focused on the positive goals you seek to achieve in life and also help you maintain a positive outlook using the practice of self affirmation and gratitude. Stay tuned for the launch. #personalgrowthjournal

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One of my favorite #lifequotes is from Napoleon Hill “whatever you can conceive, you can achieve.” I believe if you can visualize what you want, it can be achieved because there is power in your thoughts.

What you hold in the forefront of your mind can be brought into fruition through persistent application over time.

What is it that you want? Don’t let the negative thoughts of “can’t” and “impossible” enter your mind. If you conceive it and believe it, you CAN achieve it. #personalgrowthjournal

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I am continuing on with #2 of my #warrenbuffet series on the blog- NOW LIVE.

This part is all about helping you create a continuous feedback loop of personal learning and growth.

Based on the principles Warren Buffet mentions in his speech, I developed a worksheet that you can download and print to help you analyze why you do certain things and also help you look back at prior decisions and self correct to make better decisions in the future.

This, along with my daily pocket journal, can help you practice healthy and disciplined actions to grow and succeed.

#growthmindset #leadershipdevelopment #personalgrowthjournal

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One of the great quotes by #warrenbuffet. Have you ever thought about that? #ontheblog I finish my Warren Buffet series with a thought- question he poses to help us think critically about our future selves and the world in which we live. Read the blog now to see the questions answer the question for yourself. #growthmindset ...

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“If you want to know who'll be there in the end
When you bury me baby, I'll still be your friend”

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“Thank you, My Friend”
Recently I was given the task to create a narrative and the outcome was this piece. I enjoyed making this and the way everything just came together.
Special thanks to those who helped me with this
moopersthings advtime01 poomf.poomf

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