Longevity Financial Planning is defined as a regiment of habits, tools, and resources for self-directed life optimization, which can be thought of as the journeyman’s identification, pursuit, and achievement of one’s definite major purpose (DMP). The idea behind Longevity Financial Planning is to put a series of disciplined activities behind your intention to support its realization.

The essential elements of Longevity Financial Planning include:

  • Definite Major Purpose
  • Journaling
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Diet
  • Thermogenesis

The elements outlined herein are essential to me and are suggestions of the elements of a longevity financial plan that may work for you. The only "essential" element here is that you develop a practice that focuses on YOU. Prioritizing yourself is not selfish. The fact is that unless you are in a “good place,” you are in no position to help or make a positive impact on others. Self-prioritization is not selfish; it is a prerequisite step before you can help others. And you'd never believe how happy you can be when you make someone else happy.

Journaling is the simple act of writing one’s thoughts. When you write out your thoughts, you are taking the first step in the manifestation of the thought. Think about it: Before you write a thought, it exists merely as a chemical electrical charge within the neurons of your brain. When you write the thought, you transmute that chemical, or electrical charge into physical energy. After you write your thoughts, they now exist independently of the chemical electrical charge. Thus, writing the thought begins the process of manifesting the thought into your physical reality, and using a journal with prompts that help focus your thoughts on what you have prioritized in your life plays a critical role in your journey of self-optimization.

I recommend journaling daily, and to do this efficiently, I developed what I call a Pocket Daily Journal. The Pocket Daily Journal is built from observing others and interpreting the essence of how and why I want to journal effectively. I wanted a journal akin to a multi-tool: one that was small, could travel, had critical prompts, and served supporting purposes and functions. You can obtain a Pocket Daily Journal by contacting me, or you can find something similar on Amazon. You can also just use the prompts here on a blank piece of paper. The bottom line is that all you need is a pen, paper, and discipline to adopt this part of Longevity Financial Planning.

Thermogenesis involves heating and cooling the body with sauna bathing and cold-water immersion. While these activities are trending, the reality is the practice of sauna bathing is ancient. Only recently has science caught up to understanding how the creation and dissipation of energy through the production of heat and cold impacts specialized tissues, including brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle, to improve healthy longevity. I am a founder of the Sauna Research Institute to support the development of research around the benefits of Thermogenesis activities.

There are many ways to get access to a sauna – start looking and learning! Tune in with SaunaTimes and find a sauna. Look around, ask around, and find a place to adopt thermogenesis-based activities. For example, in Minneapolis, there is the 612SaunaSociety. And know that the sauna is all year round – not just a winter activity. Also, know that sauna bathing and cold-water immersion are key to mental health – and thus enhance and inform Longevity Financial Planning.

A definite major purpose (DMP) can best be described as that which you most seek to achieve or accomplish. Your DMP can change, or modify, and you have many sub-purposes.  If you don’t have a DMP, then your first step is to establish one. And if you have a DMP and sub-purposes behind it, then think of Longevity Financial Planning to enhance the achievement of your DMP.

If you want to learn more about DMP, I suggest you listen here.  N.H. does an excellent job of describing the concept and power behind having one. Our friends at the Blue Zones identified purpose as one of the key tenets behind living longer and healthier lives.  For more on how purpose plays a role in living a longer, healthier life, I suggest you read more here.

Physical activity is core to good health, and if you are not in sound health, your ability to move forward in your journey is compromised. Understanding and mastering one’s physical being, with its quirks and challenges, is critical and foundational to Longevity Financial Planning.

So wherever you are, in terms of your physical health and ability, prioritizing regular physical activity for improved cardiovascular, strength, and metabolic health is a must. I have been blessed with excellent physical health, and thus, I have been able to push my physical limits to the outer bounds with “ultra” endurance training. More recently, as I have aged, my focus has shifted from ultra endurance to maintaining muscle mass, strength, and conditioning. The key is that no matter where you are at in your physicality, “just do it” – just start doing physical activity at regular intervals, for the rest of your life! And do it OUTSIDE! Getting outside with your physical activity is core to Longevity Financial Planning.

The food we put in our body fuels our energy and builds our physical being. So let’s just eat well! I am not prescriptive here – let’s just be conscious of what we put in our bodies. Eat less meat and more greens, eat less processed foods and more raw foods, eat less sugar and more good fats, drink less soda pop and drink more water, drink less hard alcohol, and drink more wine. If you are overweight, then be more conscious of your portions and late-night snacking. You can do it! Eating is fun and should be enjoyed. Longevity Financial Planning means you are conscious of what you put in your body, you make healthier choices, and you stay disciplined to feel better.


Daily journaling has changed my life. I now prioritize the critical path journey to create the life I choose! What's the saying, "if you don't choose, someone else will choose for you!"  Thanks, Jon!


The Daily Pocket Journal is the tool I needed! It is the perfect tool, convenient, accessible, quick, and effective.  Thank you Jon for making this!!