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Jordon Peterson – Listen

I have been following Jordon Peterson for a while and really appreciate his articulation of complex ideas and thoughts on how we work as humans and in a society. While I appreciate Jordon’s book, 12 Rules for Life, it is no substitute to listening to the man talk and verbal process.

On that front, Jordan’s conversation with Joe Rogan was really interesting and worth a listen.  There are some great ideas discussed in this podcast and I appreciate how Joe attempts to unbundle the mischaracterization of Jordon in the media.

And for those just getting going in your career – this older video (no date) is a reminder that you can go from giving speeches in the basement of banquet room of the Hampton Suites to selling out the great halls of our cities.  The speech Jordon gives here is just as interesting as those he gives today – and you can see that he is true to his beliefs which have carried him a long way.

Just believe what you believe – and keep doing what you are doing.  The Joe Rogan youtube podcast has over 3.8M views.