218-870x400As a business professional, Jon Sabes co-founded GWG Holdings, Inc., a specialty finance company headquartered in Minneapolis. He continues to serve as the company’s chief executive officer. In his leisure time, Jon Sabes enjoys rock climbing, and he visited the Red Rock National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV.

Red Rock Canyon, the first National Conservation Area in Nevada, offers some of the best rock climbing in the world. The park also affords visitors an incredibly peaceful experience, with its vast rocky crags far from any sign of civilization, and populated with more desert bighorn sheep than people. Despite its isolation,however, Red Rock Canyon is easily accessible from Las Vegas.

Rock climbers at Red Rock Canyon can follow numerous traditional and sport routes throughout the park with assistance from the climbing staff. Several guidebooks also lay out details on routes and provide photos and directions to serve newcomers to the park, including details on the various challenges of different routes.