Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Recognition SkyRide


Congratulations to one of my best pals in life, Scott Olson, for Skyride being awarded Best Cruise Ship Feature in 2016!

“New” is never easy, even when you are credited as being one of the foremost innovators of our time. For those of you who missed it, check out the honor Scott received from the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Mind in Motion Exhibit: The MIA’s Leonardo Show Traces Scott Olson’s Inventive Impulse.  How many people do you know who are worthy of being recognized the same room as Leonardo da Vinci? Congratulations for the MIA for recognizing innovative genius of Scott Olson.

Scott has taught me so much on how to live an authentic, inspired, innovative life. To be inspired on a holistic innovative sense is to know no limits. True innovators know only expansion and abundance – in the most real and objective sense. The goal of an entrepreneur is to challenge ourselves each and every day to get into a innovative mindset. The benefits of an innovative mindset are enormous – because once you are there – your business and your life begin to unfold in the most incredible ways. That is not to say that this is an easy place mentally get to, on the contrary, it’s very difficult. It not only requires enormous fortitude to get to the proper mental state of mind, but also unrelenting self discipline to continue to stay there, as we will most certainly encounter distractions, detractors, challenges, and even “failure.”  I thank my son, Jackson, who reminds me of the great artists who were considered abject failures during their lives – only now and forever to be recognized as GRAND MASTERS.  Consider the fortitude and self discipline required by the individual to stay in the innovative state of mind during their life time.

Accordingly, while we all won’t be considered Grand masters, maintaining a holistically innovative mindset has the most significant rewards, so not only is it worth the effort, it is almost a requirement for objective success in life. And the good news is once you get there, and experience occasional setbacks (i.e., listen to the naysayers), you will find that getting back on track is easier than you thought.  By simply taking a few steps forward you will find that once you have an innovative state of mind, your spirit and momentum will build quickly behind you with even the smallest step forward towards your entrepreneurial vision in furtherance of building an innovative life!

So, my advice and counsel is get there, and stay there, for a lifetime endurance race.  Of course, it helps immensely to have a Field Guide who can support and teach you along the way.

Good luck in 2017 in pursuit of successful innovation!