Glacier Ntl Park, Charismatic Megafuana

One of my favorite places in world: Glacier National Park

This past summer, I managed to return to Glacier National Park with my best pal Scott Olson.  As usual, Scott and I played our schedule img_6529relatively loose: we had a general idea of where we were going to enter the park, how many days we would be in the park, and what we hoped to experience while in the park.  Scott is a master of this type of travel, and way of life, and I am still his student.

Well, this year was amazing – mostly because we were open to the possibilities of the trip – and approached with an open mind to possible permutations.  First, we met some wonderful new friends who were more experienced in the park and because of someof the hikes they sought to accomplish were challenging – they welcomed some img_6468companionship – it can be dangerous in the park.  From here, we rerouted and took on more challenging off-piste trails – much more wild than we had ever experienced in the park.  As you might imagine, the possibilities of the park opened up in ways Scott and I could not have have foreseen.  We hiked to destinations such as Shangri-La, whose name is befitting of the place we were.  We were side-by-side with the charismatic megafauna living in the park – and at some point – because of the way we were experiencing and exploring the park – we too – img_6343became charismatic megafauna ourselves.

Get outdoors.  Be open to possibilities.  Find Shangri-La!



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