A new installment on the website, and hopefully a regular, is a roundup of some news on epigenetics and insurtech.  There is a tremendous amount of activity in the fields of molecular biology and insurance, its challenging to keep up.  So here is some recent news, curated for your enjoyment!

 AI-Enabled Wearable Tech Could Help Estimate Aging

 For more information and insight on wearable tech, see Vivametric, and a report by MunichRe.

New Pandemic Superbug Identified by Seattle Company ID Genomics

 Oscar Health secures $165 million funding round

 As reported, this brings total funding to $892.5M, at a reported valuation of $3.2B.  No comment.

Can DNA Methylation Help Us Understand and Diagnose Cancer Better?

Answer Yes.  See below.  And ultimately, Yes,  the development of “chomatin loosing” or tightening drug could be used to fight this horrible disease.

UCSF Team Identifies Hypermethylation Role in Brain Cancers

Watch for more on the topic of hyper methylation and cancer detection, my uniformed guess is we will see hypermethylated genes highly correlated with all sorts of disease states, and ultimately the development of “chomatin loosing” or tightening drugs to fight common disease.  Why did this author have to introduce the researcher who first hypothesized this as a Jewish physician…strange. 

MetLife, Manulife Find Strong Insurtech Partnerships in Asia

 The Insurtech Defying Industry Trend by Embracing Independent Agents and Brokers

We should embrace distribution!  

How Shivom is creating the largest genomic data-hub on the planet.

 Insurtechs’ innovations can’t thrive without insurers’ buy-in

This article reports on Accenture’s “Fearless Innovation: Insurtech as the Catalyst for Change Within Insurance” report.  A great piece that can be found HERE – and what about that cover! The bomb so far this year for cover graphics, I always wanted to buy a helmet like that in hopes I would go faster!  Enjoy – The Future of Insurance is Here!

Munich Re looks to reshuffle the value chain