Epigenetic Labels Predict Increased Mortality

You don’t have to take my word for it. For those who want to suggest that epigenetics does not offer predictive insights into aging and all-cause mortality, you probably can still join the Obama birther movement.

As reported on WorldHealth.net, Scientists continue to serve up evidence that methyl labels in the DNA regulate the activity of our genes and, thus, have a great influence on health and disease. Recently, scientists from the German Cancer Research Center and from the Saarland Cancer Registry revealed that an altered methylation status in the genome can indicate that mortality is increased by up to seven times.

Various chemical modifications in the genome determine whether genes are read or deactivated. Methyl labels in the DNA play a key role in this “epigenetic” regulation of gene activity. Life style and environmental factors influence the methylation in the genome. Scientists have already well documented links between the methylation status of specific positions in the genome and cancer as well as other diseases.

So, more research, more data, more proof that this science is the future of machine learning for the life insurance and related industry.   Take a read, and let me know if you are still a non-believer.

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