Advice to Future Self

Straight-talk, forward-looking advice and wisdom from the “Oracle of Omaha” talking to high-school graduates about their future selves. Filmed twenty-years ago (circa. 1999), this presentation by Warren Buffet is timeless in its advice and directives for young adults thinking about how to be the best version of themselves. The advice Warren offers is also timeless for leaders on their approach to problem identification and solution solving skills.

For young adults, Warren’s advice is timeless and invaluable on how to think and approach their financial future and life (in general). Unless you won the ovarian wealth lottery, every young person will face the challenges of building a successful financial future. And every young person (regardless of the ovarian lottery) will face many challenges and need to successfully problem solve. Learning how to approach a problem and solve for it, is a fundamental skill that every young person can benefit from.

What Warren offers is invaluable—he explains how to practically think about your own individual achievement in the context of contributing to larger societal improvements. He provides key guideposts and practical methods for solving challenging problems. In order to ensure our young adults have the skills and education to the complex future that awaits them, I suggest that starting in middle school and repeated each year through high school, classes simply watch this video and review the techniques and ideas Warren offers—this would be a great and invaluable tool for our youth.