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This changed my life.  I hope you listen and act.

If I can communicate one thing to people, one thing that is sure to change and improve your life for the better, it is to purchase a nice big mimg_5982id/fat tire eBike.  Frankly, getting this message out was one of the primary motivators to getting this site/blog/twitter/whatever going.  So I consider this one of my post important posts ever, even though its going to be quick post,as I need to get going to a meeting, and I could go on and on and on about this…

I have been trying to explain to people just how great eBikes are – but until you try an eBike – you won’t get it.  Yes, I have spent a lot of time on the bicycle, more than most, and maybe my enthusiasm for biking and the outdoors skews my perception – OK – guilty as charged, BUT…. Even my wife, who is not a bicycle fan, loves the eBike, so now we go biking together (I got her one too), we go to the store, to the coffee shop, to explore together! This was an activity that we did not do together, that now we can enjoy, and have fun, outside, hanging out going places.

I am telling you… eBikes are simply the most amazing fun, outdoor, positive activity creating machine out there.  I commute almost every day, 16 miles each way to work on my eMachine.  Ok – today I am not commuting on my bike because it is officially -9f temperature this morning – but almost otherwise always on the bike.  This year alone, I have already put over 3,000km on my new eMachine since May 2016, and I cannot get enough.

My new eMachine, acquired in May 2016 is the M-1 Spitzing is one of the more ultimate machines on the market right now.  This is my second purchase – my first was May 2015 a Bionx D Series convert installed on a Surly Krampus – which is an awesome machine too. I gave this eBike to my father – who is now in his mid-70s and he uses to commute to work as well – how awesome is that – biking to work, enjoying fresh air, sunshine, breeze and nature – as you commute to your office well into your 70s, 80s, and beyond.  The bike I cot my wife was a Surly Pugsly with a Bionx setup – which works great. My commute has become the favorite part of my day! The eBike has opened up the city for my enjoyment.  I see more friends.  I stop and visit more places.  I am outside more than ever.  Call LaMere Cycles for information and let JP help you get outside and enjoy the amazing experience of eBiking.

And yes, you get exercise! I get that question alot. Yes, you get exercise! I repeat.

Be safe, get lights, get bike with big tires, and get going – don’t wait any longer – act on this.

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