Dr. Horvath Presenting at Duke

Recently, Dr. Horvath presented at Duke University about the Epigenetic Clock’s relation to aging and the technology’s ability to predict mortality!

Title: Epigenetic clock analysis of race/ethnicity, sex, and chronic diseases

Abstract: Epigenetic biomarkers of aging (the “epigenetic clock”) have the potential to address puzzling findings surrounding mortality rates and incidence of cardio-metabolic disease such as: (1) women consistently exhibiting lower mortality than men despite having higher levels of morbidity; (2) racial/ethnic groups having different mortality rates even after adjusting for socioeconomic differences; (3) the black/white mortality cross-over effect in late adulthood; and (4) Hispanics in the United States having a longer life expectancy than Caucasians despite having a higher burden of traditional cardio-metabolic risk factors.

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