DIY Outdoor Winter Safer Running Shoe

This is a DIY video about how to make a safer running shoe for the outdoors during the long winter months of the Bold North. Every avid runner of the cold dark months of the North has either taken a nasty tumble while running, or knows a friend who has.  Normally these falls are of nominal consequence, but occasionally they can result in a serious injury.

In order to help minimize the risk of falling, and save some money on not purchasing additional gear, I offer my DIY solution that has not only kept me safe, but offers increased opportunity for fun and exploration during the winter months.  With the right equipment, winter running can become your favorite time of the year to get outside and explore.

So if you like to run outside, but are timid to run outside during the winter months because of the ice and snow under your feet; or you run outside and desire a little more stability, I offer the following video on how to make a safer outdoor winter running shoe:

Below are pictures of my outdoor running shoes this season – and as you can see I got a little more aggressive with the quantity and pattern of studs in the sole.

By increasing the number and pattern of hex screws, you can improve your traction further if you have more snow on the trails.  Studding up your sole like this can offer you numerous adventures that normally are not possible during the summer months. For example, last weekend, my best pal Scottisan and I ran down snowy icy trails to the banks of the Mississippi River, where we were then able to run along the shoreline over snow and ice.  The tackiness and grip of the shoe makes winter running lots of fun, as you feel powerful and machine like running through all types of terrain – without bugs or foliage.

Add in some trail running gaiters like these (they keep the snow from sneaking into the shoe) and you will feel virtually unstoppable until the snow gets so deep you begin to long for a pair of snowshoes.  Lately, however, for better or worse, winters in the Bold North rarely warrant snowshoes, so running shoes (properly equipped) with wool socks and gaiters is my footwear of choice.

So get outside! Winter is no excuse to stay indoors, it’s a reason to get equipped and go outside.  Snow and ice are an unique opportunity to explore familiar areas in entirely new ways. Imagine a world, covered in pure white crystals, where liquids becomes solids, and water is an open invitation to explore. Gear is key – properly dressed you will stay warm if you keep moving – while getting fresh air and  exercise.