Creating Three Headed Planaria Flatworms w/o Genetic Alteration

Bioelectric Man

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Thanks to the newest post by Josh Mittledorf, I became aware of a recent lecture presentation given by Prof. Michael Levin (Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University) about his research into the bioelectric mechanisms that establish a whole new realm of biological determinism.

This science is so crazy and fascinating it’s hard to even to comment about it—other than to say: Watch the Video

Dr. Levin’s work is so far out, it’s almost incomprehensible to imagine as to where it leads, other than to also say: Watch Star Wars, Episode IV’s Infamous Bar Scene.

Well, now you know basically how we get to the bar scene and a ton of other weird and wonderful places without ever having to leave our own planet.

Levin is so stone-cold cool about his work. The guy is right out of the Jedi training camp. It’s almost cute how he begins his talk sounding kind of nervous. By the end of his talk, he’s a biological overlord capable of manufacturing the most outlandish results in the most astounding ways imagined only in fiction and sci-fi movies.

Dr. Levin does a straight-up job presenting the science and the many nuances around it, as well as the question/answer session that follows the presentation, there isn’t a lot to add. As usual, Josh Mitteldorf posts and comments on the work in this field, what it stands for, and where it may lead.


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