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Every day, new innovations in technology and aging make the news. Whether it’s the way the science of epigenetics is redefining how and why we age or how big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are taking the customer experience to the next level. This is where I share the disruptive new inventions that are helping us to live longer, healthier lives.

Nobel Prize: Biological Clocks & Human Biology

By Jon Sabes / October 6, 2017

This year, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered a biological clock that determines how our internal “daily” biological clock works.  This Nobel Prize winning biological clock regulates our daily cycle between being asleep and awake.  What scientists are learning is that there are a number of biological clocks […]

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TED Talk: Epigenetics & Your Biology

By Jon Sabes / October 2, 2017

This fascinating presentation by Moshe Szyf presents research focused on understanding the broad implications of epigenetic mechanisms in human behavior, health and disease. Moshe Szyf is one of the leading pioneers in the field of epigenetics.  Once you gain a baseline understanding of epigenetics, you can understand how predictive bio-markers can be harnessed applications that provide […]

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New York Regulator Seeks Details From Life Insurers Using Algorithms to Issue Policies

By Jon Sabes / September 21, 2017

The Wall Street Journal reported that the New York Department of Insurance sent a letter to insurers requesting more information about the evolving practices being used to underwrite and issue life insurance.   The letter comes as life insurance companies have been grappling with how to get away from traditional methods of medical evidenced based […]

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Epigenetics Explained @ World Economic Forum

By Jon Sabes / September 5, 2017

This weekend, I was talking to friends and got on one of my favorite subjects: Epigenetics.  Learning about the science of epigenetics and developing commercial applications from the science for the global life insurance industry is simply the most exciting adventure – ever! Over the weekend I came across this short 4 minute presentation made […]

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Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Awards Dr. Steve Horvath Epigenetic Research

By Jon Sabes / June 16, 2017

We know the work of epigenetics is cutting edge science that is on the frontier of explaining the relationship between environment and biology.  More specifically, epigenetics is helping us understand how our genetic code is expressed that impacts our overall health and well being. The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group deserves many kudos for recognizing […]

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Incumbent Insurance Industry Ripe for Disruption

By Jon Sabes / June 16, 2017

Innovators take note of Spencer Lazar’s great article about the opportunities for disruption in the risk business. I just came across his article and really enjoyed the numbers and perspective. When you think of big market opportunities insurance is certainly one of them representing more than $1.3T in premiums in the U.S. alone. $1.3T in […]

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Video: Insurance is the next BIG thing in Fintech

By Jon Sabes / June 15, 2017

Is Sam Hodges right?  Watch NOW The co–founder and U.S. Managing Director of Funding Circle was recently interviewed on the Asset Securitization Report where he stated that: Virtually every venture capitalist he knows is excited about insurance as the  next BIG think within fintech… As Sam goes on to say its early to tell where […]

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NYT: Pat Rilley Knows and Insurer Does Not

By Jon Sabes / May 19, 2017

Pat Riley Knows! Sorry, its not Pat Riley the famed NBA coach, but Pat Rilley, 77, from in Ann Arbor, Michigan who found that she had inherited an ApoE4 gene that increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and bought a long-term care policy in response.  The New York Times article shows the flip-side of a […]

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Willis Towers Watson Insurtech Briefing: Why InsurTech? A Pressured Insurance Value Chain

By Jon Sabes / May 18, 2017

From Willis Towers Watston Quarterly Insurtech Briefing: The Quarterly InsurTech Briefing Q1 2017 is out from Willis Towers Watson.  In the introduction, Rafal Walkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson Securities writes: Many market participants want to embrace the InsurTech revolution but continue to struggle with determining how to successfully monetize industry changes, at least in the short term. Should […]

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The Economist: The World's Most Valuable Commodity is Now Data

By Jon Sabes / May 15, 2017

From The Economist: “A new commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, the resource in question was oil. Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era. These titans—Alphabet (Google’s […]

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