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I’m constantly challenging myself physically and mentally to be the best leader and all around person I can be. This is where I share what I have been reading, doing, and thinking about to improve my life and mind. Common subjects include bicycling, running, and how to keep a positive mental attitude.

Collarbone Fracture Recovery from Death-Defying Bike Accident

By Jon Sabes / September 4, 2017

The purpose of this article is to document the recovery of a broken clavicle that occurred from a nasty bike accident I had this summer. In researching treatment options, I found tons of information about the injury from people in similar situations (the more details the better). However, when it came to recovery, particularly from […]

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#9 Innovating Life Podcast Interview with Outdoors Enthusiast and Financial Executive C.H. Maguire

By Jon Sabes / August 29, 2017

On this podcast, I talk with CH Maguire, a man with many interests beyond his career as Director of Financial Institutions Services Group at Merrill Lynch. Among CH’s interests is a passion for leadership and the great outdoors. This passion led CH to a twenty-five-year involvement with Outward Bound, a wonderful outdoor leadership program for youth […]

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#7 Innovating Life Podcast Interview with NBA Veteran Carl Landry

By Jon Sabes / May 16, 2017

On this podcast channel we interview NBA veteran Carl Landry about his life and philosophy as he looks back on nine years as a professional basketball player and his future endeavors. Jon Sabes: Ok, welcome to another installation of the Innovating Life podcast with Jon Sabes. Here with me today is Carl Landry. Carl is […]

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#3 Innovating Life Podcast with Scott Olson

By Jon Sabes / March 8, 2017

On this podcast I talk with my best pal Scott Olson about how innovation happens.  Scott is best known for creating Rollerblades.  More recently its SkyRide, Rowbike, Kong Pong, the Crusher, and many many more.  When Scott is not innovating he is engaging in fitness and the great outdoors. Scott and I have shared so […]

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11 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2017 – The New York Times

By Jon Sabes / December 29, 2016 If these 11 Ways to Be a Better Person don’t make sense, then further self examination is required. What a great place to start and end your search for your 2017 New Years resolutions.

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By Jon Sabes / December 29, 2016

I am not sure how feel about this eBike, except it looks pretty sick fun to ride!!

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NYTimes: Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport

By Jon Sabes / December 27, 2016

This is a great article regarding running.  I have always said I do my best thinking while running.  The article talks about other endurance sport activities – biking and swimming – which also work for me but not as well.  Why? I speculate that the brain needs to compute a number of other factors with […]

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Mt. Assiniboine Explore Backcountry Skiing

By Jon Sabes / December 22, 2016

Backcountry skiing is among the greatest outdoor pleasures in the world.  And when you get to experience backcountry skiing in the Canadian Rockies near Mt. Assiniboine, you can count yourself among the lucky. The peak is among one the greats in North America, and the area is home to some of the first downhill skiing […]

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Glacier Ntl Park, Charismatic Megafuana

By Jon Sabes / December 16, 2016

One of my favorite places in world: Glacier National Park This past summer, I managed to return to Glacier National Park with my best pal Scott Olson.  As usual, Scott and I played our schedule relatively loose: we had a general idea of where we were going to enter the park, how many days we […]

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eBike, Life, Commuting

By Jon Sabes / December 15, 2016

This changed my life.  I hope you listen and act. If I can communicate one thing to people, one thing that is sure to change and improve your life for the better, it is to purchase a nice big mid/fat tire eBike.  Frankly, getting this message out was one of the primary motivators to getting […]

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