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People are quietly making huge advances is the fresh frontier of epigenetics, the study of how your genes change over your lifetime based on how much you exercise, sleep habits, what you eat, and a great deal of other things. This is where I keep everyone up to date on the latest innovations in this remarkable field.

Epigenetics and Insurtech Update 4-27-2018

By jonsabes / April 29, 2018

 Stanford research: Your immune system is in charge of how quickly you age We’ve known for years that a person’s environment affects their body and health. On a basic level, the pathogens and viruses a person encounters, the drugs and antibiotics they take, as well as their diet, geographical location, exercise, or smoking habits […]

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup – 4/20/2018

By jonsabes / April 29, 2018

Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup 4-20-2018: Japanese University study finds that enduring cold temperatures alters fat cell epigenetics  This is why people in Minnesota have thick skin! In all seriousness, what science is saying is further proof that your environment alters your genetic expression.  The body of scientific evidence continues to build.  DNA Methylation and […]

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup

By jonsabes / March 31, 2018

A new installment on the website, and hopefully a regular, is a roundup of some news on epigenetics and insurtech.  There is a tremendous amount of activity in the fields of molecular biology and insurance, its challenging to keep up.  So here is some recent news, curated for your enjoyment!  AI-Enabled Wearable Tech Could Help […]

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NYT: Genetics & Race

By jonsabes / March 23, 2018

In the New York Times today, Dr. Reich writes a fascinating essay on the relationship between genetics and race.  The article is both wonderfully insightful on the many challenges we face with the continuing “onslaught of science.”  In this essay, Dr. Reich deals with the social issues and distinctions among us that we fumble and misuse […]

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Secrets of Biological Longevity: Epigenetics

By jonsabes / March 11, 2018

A series of recent articles and videos help to chronicle the state of the union in longevity research.  For me, they all point to a key field of science for the most comprehensive answer of biological lifespan: Epigenetics. In the New York Times, Pagan Kennedy writes a somewhat entertaining overview of the state of longevity […]

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NYT: You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t.

By jonsabes / January 30, 2018

In the recent New York Times article entitled: You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t, author Carl Zimmer discusses a recent Study of how the human genome (nature) and the environment (nuture) work together to shape not only who we are, but who we become.  The Study referenced in the article […]

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Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny

By jonsabes / December 3, 2017

Watch this video, and after, ask yourself, who is controlling who? Your DNA is the permanent code you are born with, the code you inherit from your parents.  This code is made up of the totality of your parents experience.  And your parents genetic experience includes the totality of their parents experience, and so-on and […]

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Epigenetics: Best Video Ever

By jonsabes / October 23, 2017

Learn the difference between Genetics and Epigenetics from the coolest video ever. The graphics contained in this video depict the most amazing thing that occurs to make you who you are! What you are about to see is so wild, its feels like science fiction, only its not.  Enjoy!

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A Handful of Genetic Changes Make Cancer

By jonsabes / October 22, 2017

The BBC reports that a handful of changes to your genetic code will make cancer.  This is incredible news, imagine the fact that only one genetic mutation to your genetic code is responsible for your generating cancer in your body – that is exactly what researchers reported: just one mutation to drive thyroid and testicular […]

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Insurtech Caught on Radar

By jonsabes / October 20, 2017

This was the first year I attended Insurtech Connect 2017. At the conference we unveiled our new company: Life Epigenetics, Inc. At the conference, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel entitled “Underwriting 2.0: Opening Pandora’s Box of Life Insurance.” The panel provided me with the chance to be the first person to speak […]

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