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People are quietly making huge advances in the fields of health and aging using the science of epigenetics, which studies how your genes change over your lifetime based on diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress levels, sun exposure, and many other things. This is where I keep everyone up-to-date on the latest innovations that are helping people to live longer, healthier lives.

LifeSpan - Epigenetics and Aging

LifeSpan: Epigenetics & Aging

By Jon Sabes / November 4, 2019

LifeSpan: Epigenetics and Aging Longevity insights and learnings inspired by Dr. Steve Horvath (inventor of the Epigenetic Clock) and Dr. David Sinclair (Professor in the Department of Genetics and Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School and New York Times Best Selling Author of LifeSpan: Why […]

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The Magic that is existence – From Conception to Birth

By Jon Sabes / October 18, 2019

A molecular Level look at the Miracle that is life The mystery of life and the magic of existence—when you stop to consider just how amazing a human life is—and the number of factors that had to align to bring you into existence, it’s mind-blowing!  And I am not talking about what factors brought your […]

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The Horvath Clock Enters Popular Culture

By Jon Sabes / September 27, 2019

The recent research study reporting that scientists found the scent to the fountain of youth brought international press and attention to a study that included Dr. Steve Horvath.  The relatively small study reported that individuals who were fed a human growth hormone cocktail for over a year demonstrated a reversal in the biological aging—in other words, […]

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Dr. Morgan Levine: You have two ages. It matters

By jonsabes / November 30, 2018

I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Morgan Levine, one of the world’s leading researchers in biological aging.  And now thanks to a report from  CNN you can have insights into her work.  WATCH CNN VIDEO HERE. Dr. Levine published a seminal research paper in 2018 entitled “An epigenetic biomarker of aging for lifespan and […]

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DNA Methylation: Timekeeper of Biological Age

By jonsabes / November 11, 2018

This recorded webinar on biological aging was published on June 1, 2018 and given by Dr. Steve Horvath.  Cellular senescence, telomere shortening, and changes in gene expression have been well documented to contribute to the aging process. Recently, researchers have found that epigenetic changes, such as the presence of methyl groups in close proximity to […]

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Secrets of Biological Longevity: Epigenetics

By jonsabes / March 11, 2018

A series of recent articles and videos help to chronicle the state of the union in longevity research.  For me, they all point to a key field of science for the most comprehensive answer of biological lifespan: Epigenetics. In the New York Times, Pagan Kennedy writes a somewhat entertaining overview of the state of longevity […]

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NYTimes: How Exercise May Help the Brain Grow Stronger

By jonsabes / December 31, 2016

Just one more reason to get outside and get after it! Get inspired to get active and stay active.

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