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As a CEO I naturally watch how the world of business is evolving in terms of innovations, how people perceive the business world, and what other business leaders are doing to inspire everybody. This is where I share the trends I believe will help other leaders become even more successful as well as the latest industry news I find exciting.

Dear East St. Paul: 3M's Poisoned Your Water

By jonsabes / December 3, 2018

Rarely do you ever come across a story in national new that so heavily impacts Minnesotan’s as the story in Bloomberg news about the polluting and poisoning 3M has perpetrated against its local neighbors in East St. Paul.  My only guess is that 3M used its local power and influence to quash a story that threatens […]

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Back with Elon Musk

By jonsabes / September 8, 2018

Back from a long absence in posting – compelled by an interview – or a conversation with Elon Musk. Listen HERE to Elon and learn – his perspective and observational powers are unlike any “human” on earth. I was a fan before – and now – a student – I wish he would publish and […]

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Tardigrades in Business

By jonsabes / April 29, 2018

Have you ever heard of the invincible Tardigrade? Pronounced TAR-DE-GRADE What a creature… 600 million years old… now watch and learn: Entrepreneurs are smart to study the perseverance and resiliency of our little friend the tardigrade.  When you begin your business, when you decide you to go to work for yourself, you need to have […]

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Positive Psychology: Educate & Empower

By jonsabes / April 9, 2018

Call it “Positive Psychology,” “Power of Positive Thinking,” or the “Psychology of Achievement,” but by any name it is about learning life skills that make our lives more meaningful.  The idea is that our brains are amazing computing organs, and if we feed a better operating system into our minds, we can help it to […]

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The Evolution of an Asset Class: A Greater Purpose

By jonsabes / January 30, 2018

A recent publication from the investment bank Houlihan Lokey highlights recent interest among institutional investors in the life insurance secondary market: The Evolution of an Asset Class. As Houlihan Lokey puts it: What was once an obscure and somewhat unconventional investment thesis has matured into a robust alternative asset class This is great to see, […]

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Cahree Crowned Individual National Youth Chess Champion

By jonsabes / June 1, 2017

Anyone who plays the game of chess will appreciate Cahree’s story. And anyone who doesn’t play chess, will appreciate Cahree’s story. Hard work and determination triumph, even in the most intellectual of pursuits such as chess. In describing his final game in the National Championship, beating 249 players from 28 states, and winning with an unbelievable […]

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Eric Schmidt of GOOGLE on Fox News: A.I. Coming

By jonsabes / March 26, 2017

Image Via Flicker  In a recent interview on Fox Business News, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg of Google, talk about where machine learning is going, what its going to do, and what is going to change. These are truly remarkable times. Watch at 1:20 into the interview and guess what word Eric utters?  Are people […]

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A Can Do Attitiude

By jonsabes / February 26, 2017

  Have you ever seen such a can-do attitude? Not since Howard Hughes, Thomas Edison or Henry Ford, has America seen the can-do entrepreneurial attitude of Elon Musk. The guy is virtually unstoppable in terms of innovation and execution. The Boring Company – why not – it makes tons and tons of sense. A recent […]

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Are You Suffering from Pike Syndrome?

By jonsabes / January 8, 2017

Insurtech Our friends at Google Ventures (GV) recently posted about the impending revolution coming soon to an insurance company near you!  Read Tom Thulme’s post HERE, about how the industry is changing and GV’s excitement and participation in facilitating that change.  Two recent startups, Lemonade (property and casualty insurance) and Oscar (health insurance) are making […]

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Recognition SkyRide

By jonsabes / January 1, 2017

Congratulations to one of my best pals in life, Scott Olson, for Skyride being awarded Best Cruise Ship Feature in 2016! “New” is never easy, even when you are credited as being one of the foremost innovators of our time. For those of you who missed it, check out the honor Scott received from the Minneapolis […]

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