Anyone who plays the game of chess will appreciate Cahree’s story. And anyone who doesn’t play chess, will appreciate Cahree’s story. Hard work and determination triumph, even in the most intellectual of pursuits such as chess. In describing his final game in the National Championship, beating 249 players from 28 states, and winning with an unbelievable 7-0 victory, Cahree said about his final game in the championship round:

“It was my toughest game yet,” he said. “The key to winning is not giving up. Keep thinking and pushing until you get there. And that’s what I did.”


The message of hard work, determination, and my latest favorite word “persistence” is exemplified by Cahree Myrick.  If we could do anything for kids, it would be to give them more examples of this type of effort and success. How long would you work at something without success before you gave up? The era of immediate gratification needs to yield to an era of effort – with a focus on long term results – based upon worthy goals. What we think of as failure needs to be redefined. Failure, as any Seal will tell you, only occurs when you decide. Until then, it’s called temporary defeat.