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Jordon Peterson – Listen

I have been following Jordon Peterson for a while and really appreciate his articulation of complex ideas and thoughts on how we work as humans and in a society. While I appreciate Jordon’s book, 12 Rules for Life, it is no substitute to listening to the man talk and verbal process. On that front, Jordan’s conversation with Joe Rogan was really interesting and worth a listen.  There are some great ideas discussed in this podcast and I appreciate how Joe attempts to unbundle the mischaracterization of Jordon in the media. And for those just getting going in your career...

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Life Insurance Industry & Epigenetics

This summer Dr. Daniel Zimmerman, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Director for Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) – one the largest life reinsurance companies in the world – published an article and webinar on the “Fast -Growing field of Epigenetics.” Dr. Zimmerman does an excellent job explaining the basis of genetics vs. epigenetics – and how epigenetics is a promising technology for the life insurance industry.  When you get to minute 33:00 on the webinar, you are hearing about the baseline technology that my company licensed from UCLA for the global life insurance industry – and you can get a...

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Back with Elon Musk

Back from a long absence in posting – compelled by an interview – or a conversation with Elon Musk. Listen HERE to Elon and learn – his perspective and observational powers are unlike any “human” on earth. I was a fan before – and now – a student – I wish he would publish and speak more. A rare opportunity to hear from one of the most interesting minds in the world. Expect a flurry of posts – the backlog is huge – the excuses for not are lame – so time to get on with it.   Tweet...

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Update 6-18-2018

Epigenetics and Insurtech Update Week of 6-18-2018 Sorry for the absence in posts…. I had a number of personal and business distractions. NYTimes: Are Genetic Testing Sites the New Social Networks? Finding new cousins and relatives has never been more fun. But finding a new father or mother? That may be interesting for some, unsettling for others. 5 biggest risks of sharing your DNA with consumer genetic-testing companies Every choice we make has trade-offs. The article seems to make big deal out of nothing. For example, risk #4, law enforcement may get your DNA – what are they...

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup 5/20/2018

The Atlantic: Identical twins hint at how environments change gene expression This is an amazing article that provides and in-depth discussion on the difference between genetics and epigenetics.  By looking at twins who share an identical genetic code, we witness how our our genes don’t explain everything about who we become.  Dr. Steve Horvath is an identical twin. How knowing your genetic code could lengthen your life Sequencing the human genome took 10 years and cost about $3bn. Now advances in computing power have seen the cost of human genome sequencing fall to under $500. What scientists are beginning...

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