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A Handful of Genetic Changes Make Cancer

The BBC reports that a handful of changes to your genetic code will make cancer.  This is incredible news, imagine the fact that only one genetic mutation to your genetic code is responsible for your generating cancer in your body – that is exactly what researchers reported: just one mutation to drive thyroid and testicular cancers; a mere four mutations to make a breast or liver cancer; and a smattering of 10 mutations to create a colorectal cancer. If you are not thrown back into your chair right now – you have to be brain dead – perhaps you...

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Insurtech Caught on Radar

This was the first year I attended Insurtech Connect 2017. At the conference we unveiled our new company: Life Epigenetics, Inc. At the conference, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel entitled “Underwriting 2.0: Opening Pandora’s Box of Life Insurance.” The panel provided me with the chance to be the first person to speak to about the power that epigenetic analysis holds for the global life insurance industry.  I can almost guarantee you that almost no one (other than a few PhDs in the room) in the audience had even hear of the term “EPIGENETICS” before that panel....

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Podcast #11 – Underwriting 2.0 Panel at InsureTech Connect 2017

TUNE IN TO OUR MISSION This is a special podcast recorded live at InsureTech Connect 2017 in Las Vegas on October 4, 2017. I participated in a panel about the future of life insurance underwriting called “Underwriting 2.0: Opening Pandora’s Box.” I was alongside three industry professsionals and the panel was moderated by Samantha Chow of Aite Group. You’ll hear a spirited discussion that highlights the exciting new capability of our subsidiary Life Epigenetics, Inc. Life Epigenetics applies the predictive epigenetic science to life insurance underwriting. It was great to begin to tell this story to an audience of...

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Nobel Prize: Biological Clocks & Human Biology

Biological Clocks – What Are They? This year, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered a biological clock that determines how our internal “daily” biological clock works.  This Nobel Prize winning biological clock regulates our daily cycle between being asleep and awake.  What scientists are learning is that there are a number of biological clocks at work governing our human biology. One only needs to be reminded of the familiar adage that a girlfriend or wife might say regarding the need to get married had have children: “My clock is ticking!” According the...

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TED Talk: Epigenetics & Your Biology

This fascinating presentation by Moshe Szyf presents research focused on understanding the broad implications of epigenetic mechanisms in human behavior, health and disease. Moshe Szyf is one of the leading pioneers in the field of epigenetics.  Once you gain a baseline understanding of epigenetics, you can understand how predictive bio-markers can be harnessed applications that provide predictive analytics for the life insurance industry. Moshe Szyf research shows how living things actually reprogram their genome in response to social and environmental factors such as stress or lack of food. His research not only explains how our biology responds to the conditions...

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