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NYT: You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t.

NYT: You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t In the recent New York Times article entitled: You Are Shaped by the Genes You Inherit. And Maybe by Those You Don’t, author Carl Zimmer discusses a recent Study of how the human genome (nature) and the environment (nuture) work together to shape not only who we are, but who we become.  The Study referenced in the article was published in Science and is entitled:  The nature of nurture: Effects of parental genotypes. This study follows an amazing line scientific work that continues to provide further insight...

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The Evolution of an Asset Class: A Greater Purpose

The Evolution of an Asset Class: Greater Purpose A recent publication from the investment bank Houlihan Lokey highlights recent interest among institutional investors in the life insurance secondary market: The Evolution of an Asset Class. As Houlihan Lokey puts it: What was once an obscure and somewhat unconventional investment thesis has matured into a robust alternative asset class This is great to see, not only because I lead an organization whose thesis has been to develop and support this market, but because seniors of America deserve a robust development of this market in order to help meet their post-retirement...

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Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny

Your DNA is Not Destiny: Or is It? Watch this video, and after, ask yourself, who is controlling who? Your DNA is the permanent code you are born with, the code you inherit from your parents.  This code is made up of the totality of your parents experience.  And your parents genetic experience includes the totality of their parents experience, and so-on and so-on. As you watch this video, you realize that the genetic code you receive includes chemical tags that attach to your DNA.  This means that your biology is looking for, and accepting (or being forced to...

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Total Immersion – RIP Terry Laughlin

Last week while listening to my favorite podcast Tim Ferris, I was surprised and saddened to learn that Terry Laughlin, founder and developer of the Total Immersion swimming method had passed.  The cause of Terry’s early demise: prostate cancer – metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer – a nasty cancer with a bad prognosis. Tim Ferris’s own story of learning to swim reminds me of my own, and Tim’s fandom of Terry resonated with me as well. There is so much to admire about Terry and his story, but what I take away most of all is his sense of purpose –...

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Epigenetics: Best Video Ever

Learn the difference between Genetics and Epigenetics from the coolest video ever. The graphics contained in this video depict the most amazing thing that occurs to make you who you are! What you are about to see is so wild, its feels like science fiction, only its not.  Enjoy! Tweet Share this:LinkedInFacebookTwitterMorePinterestPrintGoogleLike this:Like...

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