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Dr. Steve Horvath at National Institutes of Health (2016)

In June 2016, Dr. Steve Horvath presented at the National Institutes of Health. You can watch his presentation HERE. Dr. Horvath presentation centers on his research on the discovery of epigenetic bio-markers related to biological aging and chronic disease.  This presentation is understandable even if you do not happen to have a PhD in bio-statistics from Harvard (Horvath). The discovery, first reported by Dr. Horvath in 2013, is that humans having an epigenetic clock within them that is driving a biological age.  And, not surprisingly, Dr. Horvath discovered in his research that the older your biological age, the closer you...

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Recognition SkyRide

Congratulations to one of my best pals in life, Scott Olson, for Skyride being awarded Best Cruise Ship Feature in 2016! “New” is never easy, even when you are credited as being one of the foremost innovators of our time. For those of you who missed it, check out the honor Scott received from the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Mind in Motion Exhibit: The MIA’s Leonardo Show Traces Scott Olson’s Inventive Impulse.  How many people do you know who are worthy of being recognized the same room as Leonardo da Vinci? Congratulations for the MIA for recognizing innovative genius of...

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Insurtech 2016 Reflections

The synopsis of Insurtech 2016 Reflections created and hosted by Oliver Wyman does an excellent job of outlining the macro trends of the industry.  We look forward to attending Insurtech 2017, where we will review the great work we are doing in the industry with other industry professionals – and emerge as a leader in the life insurance insurtech. I found following diagram in the Insurtech 2016 Reflections discussing the new paradigms that will emerge from insurtech to be on point: By becoming more accurate in longevity predictive capabilities, a life insurance insurtech can: go from the opaque risk...

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Life Insurance, Technology & Innovation: GWG White Paper

Attached  is our corporate White Paper describing our value proposition for the continued growth and innovation of our business in the life insurance industry.  This White Paper describes how we are applying advanced proprietary technology to transform the life insurance industry.  I also refer to this White Paper as our Secret Master Plan which can be found on the technology page at By adopting the proprietary technology discovered by Dr. Steve Horvath,  we stand at the forefront of  becoming able to more accurate than ever before in predicting human lifespan.  This is no simple or inconsequential achievement.  When we become...

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Insurtech 2016 Research Report – Burnmark

Congratulations to Burnmark for a terrific job in the November 2016 Insurtech Research Report.  The report examines trends, drivers and market dynamics of the coming change in the insurance industry. At our company, we are developing our technology to provide “new algorithms for predicting risk” and believe “machine learning, will allow for vast automation of the underwriting process…”.  We are on the front end of changing outdated incumbent practices to will deliver innovative products that provide more value to consumers!  Enjoy the report and gain insights on how to survive, invest or partner in the insurtech space. Tweet Share this:LinkedInFacebookTwitterMorePinterestPrintGoogleLike this:Like...

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