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PBS New Hour: Insurtech Epigenetic Life Insurance Company Begins Testing

Insurtech is Coming to Life Insurance PBS News Hour picked up the story written by Rebecca Robbins at StatNews about how we are working to change the life insurance industry. While I can do without the macabre headline graphic (life, death & science is beautiful, not ghastly), the story does a great job on highlighting change that is occurring within the life insurance industry. The life insurance business is all about betting on how long you’re likely to live. Now, one company is turning to the hot, but still unproven, field of epigenetics to try to make that bet more scientific....

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genomeweb: Life Insurance Firm GWG Incorporates Epigenetic Mortality Predictor into Underwriting

Life Insurance Firm GWG Incorporates Epigenetic Mortality Predictor into Underwriting Today, GenomeWeb published a report that as scientists discover more and more molecular biomarkers that can predict an individual’s disease and mortality risk, the results are not only applicable in personalized medicine but are also making their way into a new marketplace: the life insurance industry. Earlier this month, GWG Life, a company focusing on the secondary life insurance market, said it had begun collecting saliva samples and analyzing epigenetic biomarkers, developed by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, in potential customers as part of its underwriting...

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Machines Will Save the Insurance Industry

Machines Will Save the Insurance Industry Bloomberg reports today that “Insurance companies are running out of ideas” and that the big rewards “will come from machines.”  I could not agree more, and that is exactly why I seek to take a run at the very heart of the business; as this is where the biggest rewards reside. Insurance companies stand to generate huge savings and product improvement by deploying number crunching databases, online selling, auto-form filling application systems, wearable devices, automobile tracking, and home monitoring.  According to Bloomberg, Allianz alone reports: Allianz SE expects digitization will help it generate...

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ReFocus2017 Insurtech Genie is Out of the Bottle

At the 11th annual global ReFocus2017 Conference, a panel of senior-level life insurance and reinsurance executives, jointly sponsored by the American Council of Life Insurers and the Society of Actuaries, discussed the impact of genetic and genomic testing on life insurance underwriting. After Day 1 where conference attendees were treated to a keynote speaker Dr. J. Craig Venter who spoke on Human Genomics and the Future of Medicine, the panel discussed the impact of genetic and genomic testing on life insurance underwriting declaring: The Genie is Out of the Bottle. Venter is co-founder and Executive Chairman of Human Longevity, Inc., and has been working to decode...

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#3 Innovating Life Podcast with Scott Olson

Innovating Life Podcast with Scott Olson On this podcast I talk with my best pal Scott Olson about how innovation happens.  Scott is best known for creating Rollerblades.  More recently its SkyRide, Rowbike, Kong Pong, the Crusher, and many many more.  When Scott is not innovating he is engaging in fitness and the great outdoors. Scott and I have shared so many adventures and fun together, it made this podcast more difficult than the first two – where to start – where to finish.  I hope to have Scott back as a regular guest – he has a lot...

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