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Creating Three Headed Planaria Flatworms w/o Genetic Alteration

Bioelectric Man Are you ready to have your mind blown? Thanks to the recent post by Josh Mittledorf, I became aware of a recent lecture presentation given by Prof. Michael Levin (Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University) about his research into the bioelectric mechanisms that establish a whole new realm of biological determinism. This science is so crazy and fascinating its hard to even to comment about it – other than to say: Watch the Video Dr. Levin’s  work is so far out, its almost incomprehensible to imagine as to  where it leads, other than to also say: Watch...

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Epigenetic and Insurtech Update, Week of December 3, 2018

Epigenetic and Insurtech Update, Week of December 3, 2018   Cancer DNA binds to gold. That could lead to new cancer blood test This is a truly amazing research article that provides insight into things to come! I spoke with several leading researchers on this topic and they agreed that the process/results make sense and if the results holds up – its a big deal.   Liquid biopsy detects epigenetic signature common to all cancers   Epigenetic map may pave way for new therapeutic solutions to hearing loss   Researchers find evidence of epigenetics in single-cell...

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Clavicle Plate Removal: Collar Bone Surgical Repair – Installment #2

Clavicle Plate Removal: Collar Bone Surgical Repair – Installment #2   Recently, I received some inquires about updates on my recovery from my collarbone fracture/plate install/removal.  So I am very happy my post somehow found its way into the hands of people wondering the same things I was.  The decision making process on what treatment option to pursue is challenging.  And after, there is less information on what to do if you decided to put the common plate repair in.  So while there is a lot of information on the web, I did not find the type of information I...

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Dear East St. Paul: 3M’s Poisoned Your Water

Rarely do you ever come across a story in national new that so heavily impacts Minnesotan’s as the story in Bloomberg news about the polluting and poisoning 3M has perpetrated against its local neighbors in East St. Paul.  My only guess is that 3M used its local power and influence to quash a story that threatens so many people living in St. Paul, Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Newport, Cottage Grove and Oakdale.   If you live in these communities, you must read this story and understand the poison lurking in your drinking water. Apparently, for about 20 years (1956 to 1974) 3M...

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Epigenetic and Insurtech Update, Week of November 12, 2018

Epigenetic and Insurtech Update, Week of November 12, 2018 The new frontiers of epigenetics–the-new-frontiers-of-epigenetics-65076 Methylation-based cancer early detection shows promise in preliminary trials DNA methylation changes uncovered in undernourished children The Internet of Bodies is Here. Are Courts and Regulators Ready? Detecting Cancer Earlier from Blood Tests Made Possible by AI The Amazing Ways AI is Transforming Genomics and Gene Editing Offering Free DNA Sequencing, Nebula Genomics is Open for Business. But There’s an Itsy-Bitsy Catch Evolution in Insurtech Continues, Backed by Funding from Industry Giants Entering insurtech phase 2.0

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