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Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup 5/20/2018

The Atlantic: Identical twins hint at how environments change gene expression This is an amazing article that provides and in-depth discussion on the difference between genetics and epigenetics.  By looking at twins who share an identical genetic code, we witness how our our genes don’t explain everything about who we become.  Dr. Steve Horvath is an identical twin. How knowing your genetic code could lengthen your life Sequencing the human genome took 10 years and cost about $3bn. Now advances in computing power have seen the cost of human genome sequencing fall to under $500. What scientists are beginning...

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Tardigrades in Business

Tradigrades in Business Have you ever heard of the invincible Tardigrade? Pronounced TAR-DE-GRADE What a creature… 600 million years old… now watch and learn: Entrepreneurs are smart to study the perseverance and resiliency of our little friend the tardigrade.  When you begin your business, when you decide you to go to work for yourself, you need to have the mindset of a water-bear. You will need to be able to survive the heat, the cold, the pressure, and the radiation that will threaten your positive mindset when you feel everything is wrong. This is when you remind yourself of...

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Update 4-27-2018

Epigenetics and Insurtech Update 4-27-2018   Stanford research: Your immune system is in charge of how quickly you age We’ve known for years that a person’s environment affects their body and health. On a basic level, the pathogens and viruses a person encounters, the drugs and antibiotics they take, as well as their diet, geographical location, exercise, or smoking habits all affect human health. This is important because people exposed to environmental risks—like air and water pollution or poor access to nutrition—are disproportionately more likely to be people of color. Now, scientists have begun to figure this out...

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Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup – 4/20/2018

Epigenetics and Insurtech Roundup 4-20-2018: Japanese University study finds that enduring cold temperatures alters fat cell epigenetics  This is why people in Minnesota have thick skin! In all seriousness, what science is saying is further proof that your environment alters your genetic expression.  The body of scientific evidence continues to build.  DNA Methylation and forensic investigations  When I first met Dr. Horvath, he thought that epigenetic clock could be useful to estimate the age of a victim or a perpetrator.  This is exciting to see that criminology is looking to this very use of epigentics to help...

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