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Create Your Life: Personal Pocket Daily Journal V2.0 EDC

Several months ago, I completed a personal pursuit to create a personal Pocket Daily Journal (PDJ) to aid me, and others, in fashioning one’s life to the unique design one imagines it to be. Whether we realize it or not, throughout our life we are engaged in a deliberate act of creation. The question then is, how much focus, intention, and discipline are you directing towards the act of deliberate creation, or more commonly stated – the achievement of defined personal life goals? As a lifelong student of deliberate creation or personal transformation, I am constantly reading, listening, and...

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Finding Your Field Guides: A Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Finding your Field Guides: A Key to Entrepreneurial Success Being an entrepreneur can be rife with challenges. It’s no wonder: you’re in the business of creation—of building something physical from an abstract idea. And no matter how innovative or timely or just plain “perfect” that idea may be, transforming your vision into reality is no easy task. One key to success is knowing who to ask for help. I call it “finding your field guides.” Two of my passions—aside from my business—are endurance athletics and adventure travel (for more on this, check out my blog on Creative Destruction). Whether...

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Glacier Ntl Park, Charismatic Megafuana

One of my favorite places in world: Glacier National Park This past summer, I managed to return to Glacier National Park with my best pal Scott Olson.  As usual, Scott and I played our schedule relatively loose: we had a general idea of where we were going to enter the park, how many days we would be in the park, and what we hoped to experience while in the park.  Scott is a master of this type of travel, and way of life, and I am still his student. Well, this year was amazing – mostly because we were...

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eBike, Life, Commuting

This changed my life.  I hope you listen and act. If I can communicate one thing to people, one thing that is sure to change and improve your life for the better, it is to purchase a nice big mid/fat tire eBike.  Frankly, getting this message out was one of the primary motivators to getting this site/blog/twitter/whatever going.  So I consider this one of my post important posts ever, even though its going to be quick post,as I need to get going to a meeting, and I could go on and on and on about this… I have been...

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Iceland Backcountry Biking

One of my more amazing recent backcountry experiences was biking through the mountains of southern Iceland with my best pals Scott Olson and JP LaMere.   On this occasion, we attended an event hosted by our friends at Lauf fork.  After a few days with our pals at Lauf getting to know the area and identifying our favorite local foods, we were off on our own. We spent several days in the backcountry of Thorsmork National Forest – Thor’s Forest – exploring on the ultra lightweight LaMere machines.  Wow! One of the greatest areas to ride.  We could ride anywhere on...

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