Aging Researcher, DNA Methylation Expert Joins Our Team

Ideas are just ideas, unless you implement them. That might sound obvious or trite, but for entrepreneurs its of great import. And the bigger the idea, the more people you will need to help in its implementation. An entrepreneur’s reliance on others is proportional to the size of the idea. If your idea is to sell great hot dogs, then you can do that with one person and a street cart vendor station. If your idea is to transform the life insurance industry through the application of advanced epigenetic technology, then you will need a few more people – and some smart ones at that. Recognition of this fact, and driving your communication and organizational infrastructure to attract and welcome key individuals is a critical function of entrepreneurial leadership.

With that, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Brian Chen has joined our company.  In the time that I have spent with Brian, not only have I learned that he is the right guy to implement the idea of Dr. Horvath’s DNA Methylation Mortality Predictor technology, but he is a great guy with brilliant mind and a terrific sense of humor. Dr. Chen will be charged with reducing the technology into a machine based underwriting system that is more predictive and more efficient than traditional life insurance underwriting models that have been in place for over a hundred years.

You will note below that Brian was the first author in Dr. Horvath’s published research and is foot noted as a equal contributor to the work.


These are exciting times for entrepreneurs seeking to implement change in the way traditional business have approached processes and markets. I am grateful that Brian has joined our cause and will be able to assist Dr. Horvath in implementing this revolutionary technology.  I look forward to the others that join us in our quest in achieving our big hairy audacious goal.

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