Jon is on a mission: Live life as long as possible while on a journey committed to continuous improvement and experiencing life to its fullest potential. 

A father of three, successful entrepreneur, outdoor ultra-enthusiast, and lifelong learner, most recently, Jon served as the CEO of FOXO Technologies, where he worked with a team of molecular biologists and bioinformatic scientists to commercialize molecular biomarker technology.  While at FOXO, Jon discovered he was biologically ten years younger than his chronological age! (-10 Delta Age).

Jon's work in commercializing molecular biomarkers of aging was inspired by the discovery of the epigenetic clock  by Dr. Steve Horvath at UCLA. Jon was instrumental in driving the creation of new epigenetic biomarkers in health and wellness and bringing a broader commercial awareness of how gene expression is driven by lifestyle and behavioral decisions. Jon Sabes is a pioneer in the development and commercial use of epigenetic biomarker technology.  

Jon is a passionate entrepreneur who finds solace in the outdoors. His passion for the outdoors has led Jon to complete numerous ultra-distance events, including Ironman triathlons, trail runs, open water swimming, overland bike rides, and mountain treks. For Jon, ultra-distance represents an opportunity to experience both internal introspection through active meditation during extended periods outdoors and external fitness testing from physically demanding endurance events.  

Jon's goal is to expand his Delta Age of -10 to -20 by the time he celebrates his 90th birthday, meaning on that day, he would be biologically 70 years old. To do so, Jon maintains a regular regimen of strength training, healthy eating, physical activity, and thermogenesis (i.e., sauna bathing and cold plunge).

Jon’s professional resume includes founding and serving as CEO and Chairman of a Fortune 500 NASDAQ-listed company, where he led its growth and expansion from startup to assets of $1.6 billion and a $525 million market capitalization. Jon is an entrepreneur and financial professional focused on business development, investment banking, and corporate taxation. He holds a Doctor of Law (J.D.) from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Colorado.