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Jon R. Sabes, founder and CEO of Life Epigenetics and YouSurance, is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the fields of finance, venture capital and business development. In 2015, he identified that the lifespan predictive epigenetic technology developed by Dr. Steven Horvath at UCLA was applicable to the global longevity industry.  Since that time, he has created Life Epigenetics and YouSurance as insurtech subsidiaries of GWG Holdings, the innovative longevity finance company he founded in 2006.

Life Epigenetics is commercializing epigenetic technology by establishing patterns of methylation along the epigenome that correlate to traditional assessments of health, wellness, disease and aging.

YouSurance is creating “science enabled” life insurance utilizing the epigenetic technology developed by its affiliate to deliver products with a faster, less invasive, and more accurate underwriting process. In addition, YouSurance seeks to empower consumers to live longer, healthier lives by providing unique health insights based upon their molecular health.

Prior to launching YouSurance and Life Epigenetics, Jon spent a decade leading the growth and expansion of GWG Holdings, the longevity financial services platform company he founded. As CEO, Jon grew GWG Holdings from a startup to a NASDAQ-listed company with a market capitalization over $525 million and assets of $1.6 billion. In May 2019, Jon stepped away from his role at GWG Holdings to focus his efforts as Chief Executive Officer of Life Epigenetics and YouSurance.

Before founding GWG Holdings, Jon served as CEO of the structured finance firm, Opportunity Finance, where he raised over $1 billion in financing.  Jon’s experience spans more than 25 years as an entrepreneur and financial professional focused on business development, investment banking, and corporate tax consultation. He holds a Doctor of Law (J.D.) with a specialization in Taxation from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Colorado.

Jon attributes his success to the development of a personal credo based on the philosophies of Ray Dalio’s “Principles” and Napoleon Hill’s “Philosophy of Achievement”—both proven methods used to accomplish goals and measure success. Jon is an outdoor enthusiast who has applied Dalio’s and Hill’s techniques in ultra- distance events that include five IronMan Triathlon finishes and multiple ultra-distance trail running and swimming events.

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