#4 Innovating Life Podcast with JeffrEy McGregor

On this podcast I talk with Jeffrey McGregor (or JMAC as his friend’s call him) about the life insurance industry and how he focuses on goal achievement.  Jeffrey has led sales organizations at some the largest insurance and annuity companies in the world.  As you will learn on this podcast, JMAC is a scratch golfer who focuses on those things that matter most in life. The many teachings JMAC has found over the years are complied in his book: A Spirit Never Tires.  For the first twenty listeners who request, I will send you a free copy of A Spirit Never Tires  If you me your information in the comment section.  If your interested in personal growth and achievement, I highly encourage you to get a copy.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jeffrey McGregor.

Podcast 4

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