2016 IRONMAN Madison Wisconsin

This was my 5th Ironman, Madison, Wisconsin.

bike-bw1The question is, will there be a 6th in 2017? Currently, I am not registered but I am open-minded on the subject. My wife and I just love that late summer weekend in Madison, WI. We have a great time in this hamlet of a city tucked into the finger hills of Wisconsin.

After my first Ironman, my goal has been to maintain a general fitness level that will allow me to participate and complete an Ironman event on any given day. Mind you, I am not saying “win” the event, but just go out and complete it at a better than average weekend warrior pace. I have found that when I have such an event on my radar, I do a better job of keeping up my fitness level. So, keeping an open mind regarding 2017 is enough of a basic rationale for helping me maintain my fitness level.

Keep an open mind, keep your goals in sight, and find a reason to move further outside your comfort zone! You will surprise yourself with what you can do! : )

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