seeks to optimize every aspect of his life. Whether it’s business, relationships, introspection, learning or physical activity, Jon strives to learn, reflect, and create a better day, place, or moment than the last. Staying in the moment — being in control of the only thing we have control over — requires discipline and commitment. Creating and maintaining a flow-state is the secret to living a life that’s bigger, better, longer, and stronger than our wildest dreams.

After 25 years as a successful entrepreneur and business professional who founded and led a Fortune 500 NASDAQ-listed company as CEO and Chairman, Jon Sabes has evolved his career to focus on molecular measures of aging and longevity. He is biologically ten years younger than his chronological age and his mission is to increase this Delta Age to 20 years.

DELTA AGE (-10) 

For close to a decade, Jon Sabes has been on the forefront of adapting and applying the science of the “epigenetic clock” discovered by Dr. Steve Horvath at UCLA to the life insurance industry.  Jon is blessed to be biologically ten (-10) years younger than his chronological age.  We call this age difference our Delta Age. As Jon ages, he is driven to maintain or increase this Delta Age and better understand aging and optimize his longevity. Jon's goal is to increase is Delta Age to -20 by the time he is 90 years old (chronologically) and help others live longer, healthier lives that create legacies that stand the test of time.

Sauna Research Institute (SRI)

The Sauna Research Institute is committed to better understanding how thermogenesis (e.g., sauna bathing and cold plunge) improves human longevity. Jon has been an ardent advocate of this practice for over a decade, and engages in sauna bathing and cold plunge activities every chance he can. SRI supports cutting edge research that supports what those who practice, already know - thermogenesis is a key to human health and longevity.


The Practice

The Practice is a regiment of habits, tools, and resources for self-directed life optimization. Only you get to decide what your life will look like. Developing a practice of mind, body and soul to support the identification, pursuit, and achievement of a life of your choice is critical. From the day you are born, you will be influenced and directed by others, and yet you are in control. Taking control, and staying in control, as you journey in life towards the people, circumstances, and environment you wish to exists requires incredible effort. A practice that support you in this journey is a welcome friend.


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A fascinating conversation with Jon Sabes and aging researcher Dr. Brian Chen, discussing epigenetics, biological aging, and parabiosis.


As a successful CEO, longevity and aging entrepreneur, and ultra-marathon athlete, Jon Sabes has a passion for helping people make connections between what is and what could be. If you are interested in connecting with Jon for your next podcast, feature or speaking event, reach to collaborate.