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#6 Innovating Life Podcast with Jack Brewer

TUNE IN TO OUR MISSION On this podcast channel we talk to Jack Brewer, a truly remarkable man. Jack is the founder and CEO of The Brewer Group, a former NFL Player (and Captain on all three teams he played for – listen and learn more), a United Nations Ambassador, Investment Advisor and philanthropist. It’s a remarkable conversation about his life and how he is making the world a better place. Jon's Conversation with Jack Brewer by Jon Sabes | Podcasts The Brewer Group Jon Sabes: Alright, well, good afternoon. Here today with me is one of my...

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Jon Sabes

Jon Sabes

Creativity is only limited by our imagination and willingness to work towards its realization - resident artist in business. I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Nasdaq: GWGH

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