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Collarbone Fracture Recovery from Death Defying Bike Accident

Collarbone Fracture Recovery from Death Defying Bike Accident The purpose of this article is to document the recovery of a broken clavicle that occurred from a nasty bike accident I had this summer. In researching treatment options, I found tons of information about the injury from people in similar situations (the more details the better). However, when it came to recovery, particularly from a surgical repair, I found much less detailed information that discussed the recovery journey. In particular, what were the detailed issues/complications people experienced, and what were the exercises people used to best regain mobility and strength....

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#9 Innovating Life Podcast Interview with Outdoors Enthusiast and Financial Executive C.H. Maguire

TUNE IN TO OUR MISSION On this podcast, I talk with CH Maguire, a man with many interests beyond his career as Director of Financial Institutions Services Group at Merrill Lynch. Among CH’s interests is a passion for leadership and the great outdoors. This passion led CH to a twenty-five year involvement with Outward Bound, a wonderful outdoor leadership program for youth and adults. This podcast is a must for anyone interested in the history of the Outward Bound organization and its leadership objectives.  CH talks about how the outdoors can lead to the development of great leadership qualities. CH’s...

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Never Split The Difference: Chris Voss

This book is amazing – Chris’s book is for anyone interested in learning how to engaging your objective and get what you desire. Tweet Share this:LinkedInFacebookTwitterMoreEmailPinterestPrintGoogleLike this:Like...

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#8 Innovating Life Podcast Interview with Financial Advisor David Zoellner

TUNE IN TO OUR MISSION In this podcast I talk to financial planner David Zoellner of Zoellner Whole Financial located in Waterford, MI about the principles of Napoleon Hill and how he has applied Hill’s principles to his business and his life.  Napoleon Hill’s effort to articulate the first practical guides to the psychology of achievement serves as foundational documentation to anyone seeking to improve themselves professionally and personally. Innovating Life with Jon Sabes by Jon Sabes | Podcast Jon: Alright, so thank you and welcome to another Innovating Life podcast. Today I am joined by my good...

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Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Awards Dr. Steve Horvath Epigenetic Research

We know the work of epigenetics is cutting edge science that is on the frontier of explaining the relationship between environment and biology.  More specifically, epigenetics is helping us understand how our genetic code is expressed that impacts our overall health and well being. The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group deserves many kudos for recognizing this and making awards to scientists producing compelling research. “Each of these awards is given to researchers with the bold ideas and new perspectives we need to make the next big leap in bioscience,” said Executive Director of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group...

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