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Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group Awards Dr. Steve Horvath Epigenetic Research

We know the work of epigenetics is cutting edge science that is on the frontier of explaining the relationship between environment and biology.  More specifically, epigenetics is helping us understand how our genetic code is expressed that impacts our overall health and well being. The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group deserves many kudos for recognizing this and making awards to scientists producing compelling research. “Each of these awards is given to researchers with the bold ideas and new perspectives we need to make the next big leap in bioscience,” said Executive Director of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group...

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Incumbent Insurance Industry Ripe for Disruption

Innovators take note of Spencer Lazar’s great article about the opportunities for disruption in the risk business. I just came across his article and really enjoyed the numbers and perspective. When you think of big market opportunities insurance is certainly one of them representing more than $1.3T in premiums in the U.S. alone. $1.3T in premiums is bigger than the the amount of money spent annually on online travel (~$160B) + household work (~$460B) + food delivery (~$600B) — combined. The industry player are really big – and really old. There are 46 insurance companies in the Fortune 500, with an...

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Video: Insurance is the next BIG thing in Fintech

Is Sam Hodges right?  Watch NOW The co–founder and U.S. Managing Director of Funding Circle was recently interviewed on the Asset Securitization Report where he stated that: Virtually every venture capitalist he knows is excited about insurance as the  next BIG think within fintech… As Sam goes on to say its early to tell where the sub-bets that venture capitalists make remain to be seen, but our belief is that the smart money will want to play in life insurance – and in life insurance machine based underwriting using technology advanced models is the smart place to be! And...

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Cahree Crowned Individual National Youth Chess Champion

Anyone who plays the game of chess will appreciate Cahree’s story. And anyone who doesn’t play chess, will appreciate Cahree’s story. Hard work and determination triumph, even in the most intellectual of pursuits such as chess. In describing his final game in the National Championship, beating 249 players from 28 states, and winning with an unbelievable 7-0 victory, Cahree said about his final game in the championship round: “It was my toughest game yet,” he said. “The key to winning is not giving up. Keep thinking and pushing until you get there. And that’s what I did.” The message of...

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NYT: Pat Rilley Knows and Insurer Does Not

Pat Riley Knows! Sorry, its not Pat Riley the famed NBA coach, but Pat Rilley, 77, from in Ann Arbor, Michigan who found that she had inherited an ApoE4 gene that increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and bought a long-term care policy in response.  The New York Times article shows the flip-side of a problem that is arising from genetic testing and insurance.  The historical fear propagated by well-meaning policy makers is genetic testing is bad, we cannot discriminate against people based on conditions they have no control over, conditions they were born with.  This is an understandable...

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